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Why We Love Playing Rummy (And you should, too)

Indian rummy can reduce stress and requires skill to play this game.

classic rummy online game

Out of many indoor games available in India, many of them consider playing card game. Why is it so? The below are the few reasons to considered:

Most widely played card game variants in India are 13 card rummy, 21 card, least 5, teen pati, black jack and poker.

Few variants like teen pati, black jack and poker can be played only at legally approved casinos and clubs (Goa, Delhi and few states).

Whereas the 13 card rummy game is played across the country from north to south & west to east. This game is played as fun also for money within the family, friends, during festival season, and also while traveling (best past time game). This game is legal in Indian except Telangana, Orissa and Assam.

About Indian Rummy Game:

Its a pretty old card game and it is considered as cross between Rummy 500 and Gin rummy. This game is played with minimum 2 or 6 players with 2 pack of cards containing 52 cards in each pack.

Each player will be dealt with 13 cards and player has to make two set of life sequences, one with pure sequence without joker and another sequence which can be with joker or without. And the other two can be a triplet or sequence. Know more on how to play rummy.

So here are few reasons why actually we love playing rummy game:

Its a Skill Game:

Unlike others say, you need to have skill to play this Indian rummy game and it gets interesting as you play.

Also you need to be a very good observant as you have to keep an eye on your opponents moves and need to trick your opponent in-order to get your favorite card discarded by them.


Previously, people who are interested to play this 13 card game had to look out for peaceful place and need to find some one to play along with them as this could game cannot be played by a single person, but now time is changed.

rummy is skill game

You can play Indian rummy game now online and no need to wait for friends.

Time Killer:

If it is raining outside or going on a long journey, this game is quite popular in those times. All you need to have is pack of cards, if you are alone, then you can play rummy card game over a laptop / desktop or mobile.

play rummy when you are bored

Stress Buster:
You might be working for really long hours or having a bad day, then get yourself relax and rejuvenate by playing this 13 card game.

Why don't you try and give us the feedback on Indian rummy card game.

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